Slow Dance: The Time Frame

At first sight, Slow Dance appears to be a regular picture frame with a peculiar design. However, as you get closer you will be shocked at what the creator Jeff Lieberman and his team have come up with. Inventing new artistic mediums, this time frame slows down the movement of any object you place within it. A captivating ghostly figure and a string of questions remain as you watch the object move. How is this possible? The answer is a lot less complicated than you think. Strobe lights. These lights flicker 80 times within a second. Since this speed is too fast for your eyes to register, it gives the illusion that there is no flashing light at all. The result is your mind being tricked into thinking the objects are following a continuous movement. This technique is commonly used in movies and is referred to as the persistence of vision. The frame is 2” pine wood frame. There is no glass and no visible lights around the frame giving the perfect setting for the viewer. The frame can hang on a wall, or you can purchase two additional feet for more stability to put it on a coffee table. Two springs hold up the object you decide to place within the frame and are lit from an LED light below. With the use of rubber bands, you can easily change the objects. Slow Dance comes with feathers and plants but does not limit you in including whatever you may like. Slow Dance was created with the intention to make people stop, stare, and enjoy the present moment. Referred to as an alternative to mediation by its creators, it’s easy to see why this time frame will get you to pause and think. To find out more about this project, check out their Kickstarter campaign here.

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