The Slotted System Bookcase

  The SSB-1 is a simple yet beautiful bookcase design that can be displayed upon any flat surface. Its unique angle does not run parallel with the ceiling,  but rather displays books in a more illustrative way – facing upward. This system is perfect for a minimalistic approach to organization as it frees up wall space. For instance, the SSB-1 (or many) can be strategically placed against a baseboard or atop counters. It’s an original and functional design that makes your favourite novels more accessible.  slotted-system-bookcase-02 slotted-system-bookcase-01 If home decor is more than mere functionality, then the slotted system bookcase is just that. It fully emphasizes the notion of decoration. Made with premium American natural walnut (or birch) ply, each unit is made lovingly by hand. It is a testament to both product and maker – a gorgeous statement piece that can display any book no matter its size. Like most handmade furniture, there is a noticeable difference in quality, as well as a given touch of sentimentality. The high calibre of production and materials ensure the longevity of the SSB-1; it is made to endure the rigours of daily use. To purchase an SSB-1 in either walnut or birch visit the BOOK/SHOP website. slotted-system-bookcase-03 slotted-system-bookcase-05

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