Slide N’ Joy: Dual Slide-Out Laptop Screens

In today’s fast paced world, we all find ourselves multitasking on our computers every day. For this reason, Belgian tech designers Thomas, Charlee, and Laurent created Slide N’ Joy – an innovative accessory for your laptop, which helps you get your work done effectively and efficiently. Slide N’ Joy affects your “laptobility”– your laptop’s ability to do whatever you want in a perfect mobility! With this cool technology, you have the ability to double or even triple your laptop screen. slidenjoy-05 It is compact, super thin, light, and portable. Users can easily unfold Slide N’ Joy, giving them one or two extra screens to their computer, whether it’s a MacBook or a PC. Slide N’ Joy works in a unique way by acting like a magnet and connecting to the back of your computer’s screen. Simply connect the innovative technology with a single USB 3.0 or 2 ports 2.0 to your computer and there you have it– two or three screens, all in high definition. slidenjoy-02 It’s convenient. If you need a bigger screen, it’s now possible to have this with Slide N’ Joy. If you have group work to do, or you have a group meeting, you no longer have to struggle with an out-of-date overhead projector. This modern technology is simple to use. Simply rotate the high-quality screens 180°, and there you have it– the same screen simply facing three different directions. slidenjoy-01 This high-quality, sustainable accessory is practical and available in 13”, 15”, or 17”. Two models are also available– a single and a twin. The single provides one extra screen, while the twin provides two extra screens. slidenjoy-04 By utilizing this innovative tech accessory– Slide N’ Joy– your multitasking-filled life becomes that much easier.

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