Slash Lamp: Designed To Be Broken

The old rule of “no running in the house” because you might break something becomes irrelevant with Drago Motica’s Slash Lamp that is designed to be broken. Created for the Romanian furniture brand UBIKUBI, the Slash Lamp was made by Motica with the hope that every single lamp will be unique based on the buyer’s preference. Inside a cardboard tube is a lamp made of corkscrew, mesh, and concrete. Along with the packaging is a stone. Motica urges buyers to use the stone to chip away at the concrete of the lamp to create your own design so when the lamp turns on, different patterns of light filter through the mesh and concrete. slash-lamp-2 The Slash Lamp is a hanging lamp that comes with rope and spool for it to be hung on the ceiling. Since the lights are located in the base of the corkscrew, light seeps downward like a pot light so the hanging effect coupled with the mesh and broken concrete lets the light expand outward and gives it the design of your choosing. slash-lamp-3 A simple but fun design, Drago Motica’s Slash Lamp is a great way to release the creative in you, or let off a bit of steam.

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