SKIDDI: Wheel Your Skis

Tired of carrying around large ski equipment by yourself on a snowy day? Sergio Pedolazzi came up with the brilliant idea of the world’s first pocket-sized ski-wheels, so you can effortlessly drag them anywhere. SKIDDI-Wheel-Your-Skis-02 At times you might find yourself having to carry skis and other equipment around a ski lodge. It can be quite exhausting getting around in ski-boots that are difficult to walk in. For those reasons, Pedolazzi came up with the simple yet unique idea of adding cute little wheels to your skis for better simplified transportation. SKIDDI-Wheel-Your-Skis-03 SKIDDI is a unique product that is easy to use, suitable for all ages, and will save you energy. It allows you to easily and quickly drag your skis around whenever and wherever you want. After you are done, you can simply store them in your pockets. SKIDDI-Wheel-Your-Skis-04 The device is lighter than your phone, and smaller than your wallet. It will also be available in five amazing colours, including red, blue, and yellow. With a product as convenient as this, you’ll never have to worry about the trouble of carrying skis again.

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