Skalpel: World’s Most Stylish Steak Knife

There are plenty of stylish and functional knives on the market, but how many have been inspired by a surgeon’s scalpel? None that we know of – until now that is! Introducing Skalpel, the world’s most stylish steak knife designed by master knife maker Stuart Mitchell. The Skalpel has a beautifully simple aesthetic. It features generous groves that allow users to secure a firm grip. Each unit is handmade and inspected by Stuart himself in his UK-based studio. The knife is made from 8mm thick, SF100, Sheffield stainless steel. This grade of steel is known for being incredibly sharp, allowing users to simply and conveniently slice through various kinds of meat. Knife Details: 58mm blade edge 155mm butt to edge 140mm butt to plunge Handle retains its full 8mm stock Weight 120g Thankfully the Skalpel has surpassed its Kickstarter goal and should be coming to a kitchen or dining space near you soon!

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