Six Part Toaster

Everyone loves to have toast for breakfast. And with all the unique kinds of concept toasters out there–the USB Toaster, the Catapult Toaster, the Notepad Toaster, the Defibrillator Toaster, and so on–it was only a matter of time before the Radical Six Part Toaster by Yanko Design was invented. Six-part-08 Perfect for families, couples (plus one guest), a hungry bachelor making two clubhouse sandwiches, or anyone who just really loves their toast, this neat little device gets its job done in style by significantly reducing the average toaster-wait-time. It also acts as an art piece too, on the breakfast table or kitchen counter (or floor, if you enjoy floor toast) with its eye-catching colours and contemporary design. Six-part-07 The toaster resembles a pinwheel, with six individual compartments swinging open to house a slice of toast. These compartments detach from the main assembly and can be kept closed to keep the toast warm and toasted–not soggy like in some “breakfast all day” diners–until you are ready to spread liberal amounts of butter (or margarine, if that’s your thing) and/or jam on it.

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