SITGREEN: Cardboard Furniture

The name of this furniture says it all: you sit on or use 100% eco-friendly furniture that is made entirely out of recyclable materials. While traditional furniture needs to be held together by glue, SITGREEN designs come to life by using the power of compression, stacks of cardboard, and other pieces that would have ended up in a landfill like wood and screw bolts.  The lifespan of these materials is revitalized to create a whole new set of cardboard furniture. sitgreen-cardboard-furniture-03 SITGREEN was envisioned by Jon Irons, a graduate of the Arizona State University College of Design, who thought to minimize his carbon footprint by reusing materials that others would generally throw away. Cardboard is a primary material in his collections. Gathering large bunches of cardboard and pushing them together makes a sturdy base and a clever corrugated design. That cardboard is then held together by wood and bolts rather than traditional glue. The combination of these materials have birthed numerous designs like stools, coffee tables, and even laptop holders. sitgreen-cardboard-furniture-01 The clever thing about Irons’ cardboard furniture is that due to the nature of its design, if ever the furniture starts to clash with the aesthetic of the room or you simply wish to get rid of it, a dismantling of the screws will take apart the furniture piece by piece.  So instead of waiting for the garbage man to come take away big bulky furniture, putting the pieces into their appropriate recycling bins offers a quick, environmentally conscious clean-up. sitgreen-cardboard-furniture-02 It might be difficult to comprehend that cardboard of all materials is re-purposed as furniture, but compressing so many stacks of already firm material and coupling it with reinforced wood provides a stable base to hold over a hundred pounds. Stellar design, eco-friendly production, and uniquely curved pieces, SITGREEN cardboard furniture is a great way to minimize your carbon footprint and add a splash of style to any room.

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