Sinkshroom: The Catch-It-All Drain Strainer

Hair is to drains as snow is to cars. It’s pesky, seriously slows things down, and can stop progress altogether if built up.  The difference, however, is that snow will eventually melt. It comes and goes. Hair, on the other hand, is an inevitable pain in the neck all year around. It seems the only fool-proof solution is to just shave off all the hair, but that isn’t entirely realistic, now is it? After having much success with their innovative tub drain strainer called TubShroom, Serge and Elena Karnegie have designed an equally effective way to prevent clogged sinks: SinkShroom. An innovative drain strainer that catches anything and everything before it can block up the pipes. Put the shavers and razors away, folks. sinkshroom_01-738x492 SinkShroom’s design causes the water and anything else going down the drain to swirl around its body. Covered in small holes, water is allowed to easily pass through, but everything else gets neatly caught. Suitable for any standard-sized sink drain, simply take out your existing plug and pop in SinkShroom. sinkshroom_03-738x492 For those who aren’t fans of seeing clumps of hair lying around, SinkShroom gathers everything up underneath the drain cover, keeping unsightly hair out of view. When hair needs to be cleared, just pick up the drain strainer, and remove the stuff. sinkshroom_05-738x488 Unlike conventional sink plugs, SinkShroom also prevents larger objects from going down the drain. Take jewelry for instance. With SinkShroom, you’ll no longer have to disassemble the water pipes when previous items like wedding rings and earrings accidentally tumble down the sink. sinkshroom_04-738x490 Available in an array of colours like black, green, blue, orange, white, and grey, SinkShroom can match any bathroom aesthetic. This drain strainer truly catches it all, preventing build-up and clogs. It’s time to toss those toxic drain cleaners, and keep things simple with SinkShroom.

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