The Single Edge: Shaving Reinvented

The Single Edge is a safety razor that begun with a classic wet shave in mind before its creation. With just a single blade, it’s meant to give a shave that the user finds fully satisfying. There is an adjustable portion on the razor that has three different settings. The aggressive setting is meant for a close shave for the smoothest skin, while the mild setting will give you an even trim. The classic setting gives a nice in-between for an everyday shave. The major benefit of single-blade shaving is the lack of irritation that typical razors may bring. The Single Edge makes it easy to replace this razor as well; after ten or more uses, you simply push out the razor with a new one with the blade magazine. Because it’s just one blade, it’s also impossible to clog, meaning it will rinse completely clear after each use. The product was built with the natural curve of the hand in mind, so it’s extremely easy to move and control. Users who are new to single blade shaving can get a comfortable feel of it within minutes. The metal handle is functional but also has a minimalistic style, so it’s sure to look good in any bathroom. The Single Edge razors end up being just 45 cents per blade, which beats out most competitors. If you do manage to find a better deal, other blades will fit in the razor so the user is free to use whichever brand they prefer. In case you’d like to take your razor on the go, The Single Edge has created beautiful travel cases made of waxed canvas and leather. Waterproof and customized to fit the razor, these cases will protect your Single Edge until you’re looking to shave again. If you’re looking to improve your shave with The Single Edge, check them out here.

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