SINCE 1984: Modular Furniture System

Nobody wants to live in a small space, but you might have to for a number of reasons. Living in a smaller space makes many things harder. You cannot put as much stuff in your home, you cannot have as many people in your home, and your furniture choices are limited. There is no magical way to change the size of your home, but there is a means to change your furniture to your needs with Serena Zanello’s SINCE 1984 modular furniture system. Zanello came up with the idea for 1984 when her father visited her from Italy. She desired a way to have a variety of furniture options without buying a variety of pieces or sizes of chairs, tables, and more. With the design of the pieces resembling the game ‘Tetris,’ arranging the pieces becomes a game and helps you forget how small your home is. SINCE 1984’s complete kit comes with seven pieces of various sizes and shapes of wooden furniture. You can reconfigure the separate pieces to fit your needs or make a statement with a creative display in your home. The basic kit provides you with one piece, then two, followed by three, and the complete set comes with the full seven. You can rearrange the different pieces to form tables, bookcases, sculptures, and whatever else you can conjure up. SINCE 1984 is lightweight, it makes rearranging less of a task and more exciting. Being lightweight also makes it portable, so you can not only perform well as a host, but also aid friends with a similarly cramped living space as a guest. 1984 comes in natural, white, and black in all sets, and red and green in the complete set. You can also easily paint your own kit due do its construction. Made from ¾” plywood, 1984 is waterproof, resistant to commonly used chemicals, and durable. The full set can be made from two and half sheets of plywood so it leaves very little impact on the environment to construct and own. To assemble the kit all you will need is a Philips head screwdriver. Harness the feeling of being a kid again by putting SINCE1984 in your home. Create unique and interesting configurations of the pieces to make furniture only you can have. For more information and helpful ideas on how to best use your kit, visit Zanello’s Kickstarter.

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