SilverAir: Odorless Socks

Active wear has become increasingly sophisticated over the past decade, and SilverAir odorless socks and shirts are the next step in that evolution. Runners, cyclists, and travellers rejoice! These socks will keep your feet feeling fresh throughout your long days – or weeks. SilverAir uses fabric techniques used by astronauts to stay fresh without the need for constant laundry. It’s space technology for the masses! This was a successful Kickstarter campaign that has just begun sending out their products to the backers and can now be ordered directly from Y Athletic’s website. silverair How the socks work is simple, but effective. The material of the socks are made of a blend of Merino wool and pure silver. There are “vents” built into the sock to increase air flow, and the socks are seamless to avoid irritation. The SilverAir socks come in 6 colours, and continue to look great, even after wearing them for a week without washing. The secret to their odor-stopping properties lies in chemistry. Sweat is made up mainly of water and is odorless, but there are certain parts of your body (such as your feet and underarms) that have proteins that encourage bacteria growth. It’s bacteria that causes the odor. The SilverAir socks have silver woven into the material, and silver neutralizes bacteria, stopping odor. Because the silver is woven into the material, its odor-stopping properties don’t wash away and lasts as long as the sock. silverair_02 Having socks and shirts that don’t get smelly after more than one day of wear is a great advantage to travellers and athletes. It means less laundry, more space in your bag, and best of all no odor. And with a good variety of colours, these socks will fit in with anyone’s wardrobe. It doesn’t get better than that. silverair_03   Video: 

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