Silibagz: Reusable Food Bags

There’s a Canadian solution emerging in the face of one-time-use plastic bags. The Sawatdee Silibagz are reusable food bags that are truly multipurpose. They don’t just store food, these bags can be used in the cooking process and make great containers for drinks and smoothies. Created by Andrew Stromotich as an attempt to reduce his family’s carbon footprint; Silibagz are fun, functional, and flexible containers to shop for, cook, store, and carry your food. Silibagz-01 Silibagz are made from platinum silicone, which is completely inert, durable, and PVC, BPA and Phthalate-free. The bags can be safely heated to 400°F and treated as low as -60°F. They are also dishwasher safe and microwave safe (without the clasp). Silibagz can hold up to 1.5 litres of liquid, one lbs of coffee, or three lbs of ground beef. The bags are air-tight when closed, perfect for keeping food fresh, or even protecting electronics at the beach. The Silibagz can even turn into a drink container with a spot to stick in a straw. The design of the bags make them highly functional in many ways. They are designed to be free-standing cylinders when completely opened, which allows the user to easily put food in and take food out. In this respect, the Silibagz have those plastic sandwich bags beat! When empty, the bags can be rolled up small for storage. Silibagz-02 And because Silibagz are safe to heat, you can cook food directly in the bags! Or bake in the bags! Although not safe to put directly on a burner, food can be placed into the Silibagz and boiled in a pot of water. Stromotich suggests that you can even bring these bags to the grocery store or the deli, and put your purchases directly into your Silibagz to avoid plastic waste altogether. Silibagz-03 In their fight against the over-consumption of plastic, Stromotich and his family are running a “one for one” campaign where they will donate one Silibagz to people in Thailand (the #1 consumer of plastic per capita) for every Silibagz purchased. Silibagz are leading the charge to a more sustainable future. Video:

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