SilentKeys: Privacy-Protecting Keyboard

Recent revelations have raised concerns over personal security and privacy, especially where our electronic devices are concerned.  Despite the precautions some of us may take with various privacy and encryption settings, uninvited surveillance and data storage, hacking, and theft continue to worry many.  Preevio’s SilentKeys is a USB keyboard that takes measures to ensure both online and offline privacy. silent_keys_02 SilentKeys is designed to be a tamper-proof, worry-free keyboard, using a combination of anonymous browsing, automatic encryption, and advertisement track blocking to make for secure and private device usage. With the prevalence of techniques such as key logging, compromised accounts are sadly becoming more frequent today.  Hence, SilentKeys is made of a special aluminum that cannot be opened to be tampered with, and will break if such an act is attempted.  SilentKeys also ensures that your browsing begins with a clean slate when restarted, so you won’t have to worry about any unwanted snooping of history logs. silent_keys_03 Just like setting up any USB keyboard, SilentKeys simply needs to be plugged in using the provided USB cable.  Press the activation button, and the keyboard will start up; it really couldn’t be any easier.  The privacy-protecting keyboard also comes with free and unlimited updates, so rest assured that you’ll have the latest and greatest at all times. In the words of Preevio: “having nothing to hide shouldn’t mean having to show it all.”  SilentKeys is your all-in-one solution to making sure that you don’t have to show it all.

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