Siesta4: Heat and Light Blocking Tent

Siesta4 will definitely rank as a quintessential equipment for campers! It’s a tent with thermal-resistant qualities. This feature stems from the core structure of the Siesta4—its fabric. The makers labelled their fabric as fly fabric, and it significantly reduces temperatures inside this tent created from visible, ultraviolet and infrared lights that you would normally feel in a tent set up for camping. The impetus for a product like this had been the cause and effect relationship between sleep deprivation and heat. Campers wouldn’t rest easy from high temperatures in their tents, and trouble from sleeping always requires a quick solution, one of which could be a deterrence to camping. Not camping anymore would hardly be the best answer to sleep deprivation when you’ve so eagerly planned a trip to enjoy the outdoors. To prevent that, fly fabric was utilized in the making of the Siesta4 to give a cooler temperature than compared to a regular tent. There’s also custom vents for 8-inch fans, if you want and need this tent to be cooler. The inside of the tent is designed so it’s breathable and will prevent condensation if the temperature drops too low. A mesh is used to close the tent, and it serves to prevent the fall-in of dirt or cold drafts. This tent is promoted as the only tent in the market that has a heat and light blocking feature, and having  technology that caters to that is very desirable as the temperature and weather is the last thing to worry about when enjoying the outdoors. It comes with all the gear needed for set up and is listed as the following: 16 aluminum stakes, 16 hanging loops, 6 mesh storage pockets, a central lamp loop, aluminum poles, and reflective guy ropes. This product has been researched thoroughly, and the makers, Outback Logic, assure its benefits. For more information go to Siesta4’s Indiegogo page.

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