SideKick: Phone Back-Up And Charger

Inspired by a need that we all are susceptible to — power for our cellulars when the battery comes to a low wattage. The creators at Flintu experienced battery loss with such a detriment that they aimed to never have that situation occur again. Now anyone can utilize this charger and avoid a “dead” battery when needed most. Called the SideKick, one can set this charger up by their spare batteries and have his/her personal cellular up and running in no time! One doesn’t need a separate USB, it has its own fast-charge cable. With the fast-charge cable you can plug your phone into your laptop for charging. Or if you don’t have a a laptop you can solely use the SideKick for charging. It has the capability for its particular function from a Japanese Li-on cell. All one needs to do is set in AA, or C, or D size batteries and plug in the fast-charge cable from the SideKick to the mobile. In addition, you can use this compact charger as storage. It will store up to 12 GB of data, and you can move stored items from any type of mobile device to another mobile device. The other benefit from using the SideKick is how small it is. It can just hang on your key-chain with your other keys. You’ll need your keys wherever you go because your always going to make a trip back. So what better way to store a charger or own one! It comes in three metallics: gold, silver and onyx. Truly, you never have to worry about losing battery power with a device that keeps you available for contact. Because it’s really not an extra item to have as it is carried with the rest of your essentials, it is a purchase not to miss. For more information, go to its Kickstarter page.

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