Sidekick: The Perfect GoPro Light

Let’s face it, the GoPro is pretty awesome. It’s an extraordinary superhero of a camera made for equally extraordinary people. But every superhero needs a sidekick. Luckily, Light & Motion created the perfect companion for the action camera, appropriately named Sidekick! Using a GoPro to capture your adventures is easy when your adventures occur during the day. But for you night owls it can be a real struggle to capture high-caliber recordings. In low light or back-lit scenes, the GoPro is not a top performer, but Sidekick makes up for these shortcomings. A lightweight and powerful GoPro light, Sidekick mounts on to the camera, flashing a wide flood beam to greatly enhance the quality of your images in low light. sidekick-01 sidekick-02 Sidekick easily connects to your GoPro using a low-profile arm that works with all existing mounts. Delivering a 90-degree, 600-lumen beam, the light uses a Cree XM-L U2 LED. External charging capability with Lion rechargeable batteries is what keeps Sidekick lightweight and easy to carry. Adding to its functionality, the light lasts an hour on maximum power and up to four hours on low. sidekick-05 If you’re more of an underwater adventurer, it might be useful to note that Sidekick is also waterproof.  Handling an underwater pressure of up to 200 feet, you’ll have enough light to seize your deep-sea stunts too. sidekick-04 When the sun goes down and light is low, Sidekick is the smallest, lightest and most powerful GoPro light to help you capture your adventures!

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