Shooz: The World’s First Modular-Tech Travel Shoe

Everyone wants nice shoes, but the variety is endless, especially for all occasions! Running shoes, formal shoes, casual wear, travel shoes, slip-ons, and so much more! Can’t keep up? Now, there’s no need to! Shooz is a customizable, portable, eco-friendly shoe with the ability to change skins, resulting in different looks with just one shoe. Pack away different skins easily when travelling, or simply switch to a more comfortable shoe style after work. You will no longer need to spend money on numerous pairs of shoes—just switch skins, and have a stylish shoe for each occasion. Shooz To change up the shoe’s style, simply line the zippers up, zip, and snap in the button piece for security. Mix and match the sole of your Shooz with different skins to achieve the style that is perfect for you! Features include a waterproof zipper, soles with excellent grip, skins made of the finest Italian leather, and insulated insoles. Urban soles are perfect for casual wear, for an outing with friends, or for an everyday, relaxed style. Urban black consists of the same style, just in black. The running sole is ultra comfy, flexible, and engineered for walking, running, and indoor sports. The drive sole is for travel—upholding a fancy, sophisticated style while providing comfort for the wearer. Different types of skins include as follows: the wingtip, the running skin, the slip-on, and the lace-up. Pursue your own unique style by combining your favourite skins and soles! Get the best of both worlds by saving backpack space AND toting a variety of styles! The skins can be laid out flat, and each pair of skins will only take up the space of a single T-Shirt! For more information on Shooz and the style that suits you the best, visit their Kickstarter page, or take the quiz below!  

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