Designers Take To Shoelace Lamp Collection

The Shoelace Lamp Collection is a social project led by designer Curro Claret, who worked in collaboration with light-company Metalarte. the-shoelace-lamp-collection-02 The philosophy guiding this unique endeavour involved the attempt of working with individuals with a bumpy past in an effort to motivate them and help them get back on their feet. The aim was for the cathartic nature of design and manual labour to help achieve this goal, granting the project’s participants a fresh perspective into their individual lives and encouraging them to take the necessary steps for their condition to improve. the-shoelace-lamp-collection-03 Each constructed lamp used reclaimed shoelaces from Camper, a shoe company inaugurated in 1975 and based in Inca, Spain. the-shoelace-lamp-collection-04 Basically, each colourful lace was tied around a metal frame. With enough laces, the skeletal frame gradually took on the look of a vibrant canvas. the-shoelace-lamp-collection-05 Despite the idea’s straightforwardness (arguably anyone with a wire frame and enough shoelaces could attempt creating such a shoelace lamp themselves), the layering of the energetic colours resulted in an effect which looked persuasively modern and appealing. Not to mention that underlying and informing the efforts of the project was a deeply conscientious and worthwhile ethos. the-shoelace-lamp-collection-06 Notably, Curro Claret had worked with Camper before, collaborating with the shoe company to design their stores in Barcelona. As in the shoelace lamp project, the designer used reclaimed materials and worked with a group of people from the Arrels Foundation, a foundation dedicated to the care of homeless people in Barcelona. the-shoelace-lamp-collection-07

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