Shine: Elegant Physical Activity Monitor

Shine is an activity tracking accessory made of precision-crafted aerospace grade aluminum. It uses advanced programming to convert raw sensor data into information that’s relevant to you. Shine-Elegant-Physical-Activity-Monitor-01 In between the silver edges is a groove for attaching accessories like the silicone rubber magnetic clasp that comes with Shine. It will enable you to attach it anywhere. It’s about as big as a quarter and as thick as two so it fits comfortably without bothering you. Shine-Elegant-Physical-Activity-Monitor-06 Every Shine is polished, powder blasted, acid washed, and electrochemically anodized for the finish on the top and bottom. Highly sensitive motion sensors detect when and how intensely you are moving for accurate measurement. An O ring tightly seals all components for a water resistant depth of up to 150 feet. Shine-Elegant-Activity-Monitor-07 The shine uses a bluetooth 4.0 low energy-assisted data transfer connection making syncing with smartphones as easy as just placing them on the screen. Shine-Elegant-Activity-Monitor-12 The face of the Shine has 12 LED lights to show you how you’re doing and also they can be used to tell time. Shine-Elegant-Activity-Monitor-10 The Shine takes a standard CR2032 coin cell battery to power the device. The battery can last up to 4 months and it comes with a tool to pry open the back of the shine to remove and replace the battery. Video:

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