SHFT IQ: Virtual Running Coach

There is quite a difference between running-which we can all do- and running well. While the latter is much more difficult to achieve than the former, proper running is necessary for a safe and enjoyable lap around the park. Lucky for all of us novices, anyone who can run can be easily taught the most effective way to do so. That tiny white device? That would be your running coach, SHFT IQ, the world’s first to be powered by Artificial Intelligence. Since 2014, a passionate group has been working on this incredible piece of technology to ensure that all runners, young and old, are getting the most out of their run. This not only prevents injury but improves your overall technique. The pod is placed on either your chest or foot and measures your body’s movements using Intel technology. This information is then sent to the corresponding app, with the AI analyzing and commenting on technique in real time. Every runner new to SHFT IQ is given a preliminary screening run, allowing the AI to establish what your baseline running is like. This cutting edge technology measures everything from your pace to your landing angle to how long each foot spends above the ground. The SHFT app is free to download. It lets your track your progress over time, along with offering drills in areas that the AI feels could use improvement. The creators of SHFT IQ, a company by the name of SHFT, are based in Boston, MA. The team is made up of not only runners but scientists, mathematicians, PhD’s, developers, and professional running coaches. With the help of HOWL Design Studio, a Scandinavian-wide innovation agency, and the IT University of Copenhagen, SHFT IQ has developed to become your personal trainer from the future. After an incredibly successful Kickstater campaign that began only two months ago in March, SHFT IQ has already seen nearly $60,000 pledged-and counting. To learn more and be one of the first to experience SHFT IQ, click here. Happy running!

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