Sharpener Jar

If your job involves a lot of thinking, scribbling, doodling, and prototyping on paper, you’ll understand how it can feel like you haven’t accomplished much at the end of the day. Craighton Berman wanted a way of quantifying creative output, while creating a product that would ultimately be useful. sharpener-jar-02 The Sharpener Jar is a unique way of collecting pencil shavings to serve as measurable data. The idea is to have something that adds diligence to the creative process, much like creating an arbitrary deadline and sticking to it. sharpener-jar-03 Composed of a mason jar and a laser-cut aluminum lid with a pencil sharpener embedded in it, the product is simple and elegantly executed. sharpener-jar-04 Of course, when you have completely filled the jar, you can put it on display as proof of your hard work. sharpener-jar-05 Video:

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