SHAPES: The Elegant Cable Holder

It isn’t too often that we come across a cable organizer that also looks like a beautiful piece of art. However, SHAPES organizers are just that. SHAPES are beautifully minimal spheres and pyramids that hold and organize your cables, while looking lovely sitting atop a table. Each unit was designed with elegance and minimalism in mind. shapes-cable-holder-05 The spheres and pyramids are available in three different colors. They are made of brass, and electroplated with gold, silver or rose gold. This protects against corrosion and aging. In addition to cable organizers, SHAPES can also be used as paper weights. shapes-cable-holder-09 The pyramids have a height of 33 millimetres, and a base of 33 millimetres. The spheres have a height of 27 millimetres, and also a base of 33 millimetres. Each SHAPE has an opening slot that is 6.3 millimetres by 6.3 millimetres. This amount of space is optimal for all current cable types. Each design also has recessed filling with anti-slip rubber brushings. This prevents the SHAPE from falling down, and also protects table surfaces. shapes-cable-holder-06 If you are a lover of minimalism who hopes to have this one-of-a-kind cable holder in their home, click here for further information. shapes-cable-holder-01

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