Set: Expanding Shelving By Stephanie Hornig

Austrian designer Stephanie Hornig has created an expanding shelving unit which can bunch up or stretch out in any space that it gets placed. The Set shelving contains a beech-wood frame with scissor-like pivots as well as folded steel shelves which sit over rails between each joint and stop the structure from stretching out further. Strategic cut-outs form shelves which then can be fastened on the axes of the flexible structure to fix it in position. The positions of the notches allow the unit to rest in three different positions and small bookends which can be slotted against the diagonals in a similar way. set-expanding-shelving-by-stephanie-hornig-03 Inspired by braided structures, this product aims to create two- or three-dimensional patterns that are stretchable. The resulting shelving system is based on the principle of a scissors grid with extended axes to make room for shelves. This creates a superimposed image of diagonals, which is adjustable and can be fixed in three different positions. set-expanding-shelving-by-stephanie-hornig-02 Other adaptable bookshelves on Dezeen include interlocking shelves that slide out to make space for more books when required as well as hinged boxes that can be spun around to create a grid or scattered circle.

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