senz° – the original storm umbrella

By May 12, 2012 IPPINKA BLOG, Product Stories

If you ever had to walk through a windy rainstorm with your umbrella shredded and mangled likening a tree branch from a Tim Burton movie, then you’ll wish you’ve had the senz° umbrella.

Designed using the principles of aerodynamics, these ingenious umbrellas can slice through windspeeds of over 100km/h without flipping inside out.  The extended tail end of the umbrella also eliminates your back from getting drenched from roll off water which is typical of conventional umbrellas.

The senz° umbrella is so unbreakable, you can go skydiving with it!

senz smart umbrella is now available on the IPPNKA store.

Check out the video below for some ridiculous things they do to this umbrella.

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