Sento: Upgrade Your Towel

Sometimes, even the everyday items in our lives need a bit of an upgrade and the Sento towel does just that. It is a twist added to a classic and essential item such as the bath towel produced using exceptional materials with crafted Japanese craftsmanship. Sento towels simply look better and are more durable and long lasting. Towels are expected to do multiple jobs for us but sometimes we don’t pay attention to elements essential to the right towel. When you are choosing towels for your home, you often look for soft and stylish towels and not cheaper ones that may fray within a few washes. When you really think about it, towels are so important in our lives and a product you use everyday. sento-1 The fabric maker behind the design, David Hothway says Sento is that one great towel you will have in your bathroom and unlike traditional towels which may be bulky, trap dirt or take longer to dry, Sento does the opposite. Sento towels are described as being very soft and this is achieved using a multitude of of fabric types. sento-2 Sento has combined the best elements of western and Japanese towel making to provide an absorbent, odor-resistant and luxurious bath towel produced using 100 per cent Japanese cotton. The art of towel making is very common in Japanese culture and craftsmanship as they have been perfecting the art. It is an art dating back to the 17th Century and being common amongst the higher classes of society including the Samurai. sento-3 Even the name Sento, is Japanese for bathhouse which is related to a large part of culture and experience in society. The Sento towel is composed of two textured sides that are stitched using the traditional Japanese technique, a cotton front with a gentle terry backing. This is a special woven technique compared to low grade sewing knit used by regular towels. The pure Japanese cotton used to make the Sento towel means there is more moisture wicking loops per inch, so the towel is soft and super absorbent, especially for drying hair. sento-4 Unlike micro-fibre, the organic Japanese cotton is looser and luxurious to the touch. Some special features of the Sento towel includes it being a larger size towel than a regular towel, dries three times faster,minimalist design and anti- bacterial to eliminate odors. The Sento towels are available in different sizes, the face, hand and bath towels and three different colour options, dark navy, grey and white. sento-6 For more information check out their Kickstarter page.

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