Sensorwake Trio: Wake Up and Smell The Roses

Waking up most mornings feels like a chore. Time and time again we know we’re going to hit that snooze button until it’s broken off at the corners. The blaring alarm really is a rude wake up call. Instead, wouldn’t a smoother and more relaxing means of waking up ensure you stay up? Introducing Sensorwake Trio, a smell-based alarm clock that doesn’t jolt you awake but ushers you into the rest of your day. You start your day more motived, more refreshed and prepped to take on the day! You’re able to choose which scent you want to wake to: maybe it’s coffee, or fresh citrus, the beach, or peppermint! Senosrwake pioneers a silent, oil-free dry diffusion technology found in it’s tiny scent capsules. Sensorwake stirs you by gradually invigorating all your senses to wake you fully. Each scent is packaged in its own resealable bag so you can change scents through the day for different alarms if you’re venturing for some variety. All the fragrances are designed in France by Givaudan, a world leader in curating fragrances. Furthermore, each scent pack lasts for 30 days and Sensorwake features over 30+ distinctive scents to wake your senses.
Credit: SensorWake/Cover Images
This olfactory clock is simple to use: just insert your desired scent, plug it in, and then activate your alarm. You have full control over how you want to start your day, the backlight activation melody is also fully customizable. Sensorwake Trio will make you stop hating your alarm clock and start loving your day!

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