Sense Mother Tracks What You Care About

Mother Sense is a device that in conjunction with mobile sensors called cookies captures data and displays it on your computer. The sensors can be used on anything to capture information on use, consumption, movement, temperature, and location. The base is a white plastic pear shape with LED eyes and smile that connects to your modem router via an Ethernet cable to communicate with the sensors. Sense-Mother-Tracks-What-You-Care-About-02 The Cookies transmit to the Mother device and each other on a 915 MHz frequency for the U.S. and a 868 MHz frequency in Europe. When out of range, the Cookies can store up to 10 days of data which is automatically uploaded when the mother unit is detected. Sense-Mother-Tracks-What-You-Care-About-06 The system can be used to monitor walking or jogging distances, detect which family members are at home, log how often home objects are being used, take temperature readings throughout the home, track sleep quality, and many other applications. Sense-Mother-Tracks-What-You-Care-About-07 The system can also be set up to notify you through text messages, emails, phone calls, and lights and sounds emitted from the Mother Sense unit itself. The notifications can be about an intrusion alert if certain doors and windows are opened, or when a family member arrives home. Sense-Mother-Tracks-What-You-Care-About-08 Video:

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