Self-Sterilizing Door Handle

For all you Torontonians out there who survived the epidemic of H1N1, SARS, and just the downtown lifestyle entirely, the door handle with Self-Sterilization System puts fears of bacteria-spreading influenza to rest. Door handles are a breeding ground for bacteria since all it takes is for a person to sneeze into their palm and touch a door handle. Add that to the million other people following behind, opening that same door, and it’s a wonder why we don’t all live in a plastic bubble. It may seem silly to sterile a door handle when there’s good ol’ Purell at our disposal, but too much hand sanitizer isn’t always a good thing. Bacteria adapts, and eventually you’ll have to use more and more sanitizer until germs become completely resistant to its effect. Cue the self-sterilizing door handle. self-sterilizing-door-handle-02 The self-sterilizing door handle is a Red Dot Design Concept winning entry created by Choi Bomi. As opposed to door knobs, its design features a handle that rests horizontally and meant to push down to unlock the door. Simple enough. How the handle self-sterilizes is through the use of UV light that runs through the handle when it’s not in use. In the closed position, the handle clicks into place horizontally and pushes the switch to keep the UV lamp on which effectively makes any bacteria residing on the handle unable to reproduce, spread, or cause disease. self-sterilizing-door-handle-03 It sounds skeptical, right? Using UV light to kill bacteria. Because skin to light contact is minimal, literally pushing open a door, the effects on the skin is non-existent which gives you peace of mind whenever opening any public doors. Cleanliness is most certainly close to godliness when it comes to Bomi’s Door Handle with Self-Sterilization System.

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