Seally Cap: Reseal Cans and Fruits

A kitchen utensil built for versatility and efficiency, the Seally Cap is a new item created to relieve householders of a much too common kitchen burden – food storage. seally_cap_reseal_cans_and_fruits_05 Created by Brian Gibson, President and CEO of simpliuniik, inc., the elastic and durable nature of the Seally Cap acts as a much better substitute for the normally used bowl and aluminium foil combination to store half-used, half-washed, half-eaten foods without any fear of wastage. It is essentially a lid, made out of FDA grade silicone, that is designed to stretch up to twice its size and ensure a prolonged freshness for any sort of food or drink, whether it be an opened can of dog food, corn, a glass of milk or even fruits and vegetables like half of an onion or even avocado. It also comes with a dome-shaped top to press the air out and prevent oxidation of foods like apples and avocados. It’s especially great for canned goods and foods as it can easily be substituted for a lid and hence saves us the need to use another bowl or utensil to store the food. seally_cap_reseal_cans_and_fruits_04 It’s BPA and phthalate-free to prevent the danger of chemical seepage into the food. What makes the cap even more versatile is the fact that it is dishwasher, microwave and freezer-safe – this cap can be used anywhere, anytime, and requires minimal care and attention post-use! The diversity in colours of the caps as opposed to the dull nature of the traditionally used aluminium foil also adds a pleasing attractiveness in storing the food; one can even go a step further in optimizing their storage by matching the type of food to the colour of the cap, hence further organizing the way in which their fridge is structured. seally_cap_reseal_cans_and_fruits_02 The Seally Cap is definitely worth an investment or at least a second look. Its chemical-free make, durability and flexibility in material and shape are definitely a much needed asset for storing food and goods in their multitude of shapes, figures and sizes.