SEADOO Underwater Scooter

Seadoo underwater line of scooters is a high speed diver propulsion vehicle (DPV) for recreational use. This sea scooter exerts in and out of water effortlessly. It is lightweight, battery powered, has variable speeds and different depth capabilities. SEADOO-Underwater-Scooter-05 The speed, run time, depth, and weight varies with the model. These scooters can move at a speed of 1 MPH to 3.3 MPH. The weight ranges from 7.3 pounds to 32 pounds with a run time of anywhere from 1 hour to 2 hours. Designed to dive down to the depths ranging from 10 feet to 130 feet depending on the model. SEADOO-Underwater-Scooter-02 Seadoo consists of a pressure-resistant watertight casing containing a battery-powered electric motor, which drives a propeller. The propeller is in a secure caged casing making it safe for the user as well as marine life besides the equipment itself. It can’t accidentally get started as has a safety lock and auto shut off function. These scooters tend to remain naturally buoyant while in use underwater. SEADOO-Underwater-Scooter-04 There are exclusive Seadoo underwater scooter models for children provided with limited capacity depending on the age range the model is intended for. All model boast a trigger control for speed settings, an auto-shutoff feature, caged propeller casing, and positive buoyancy for safety. SEADOO-Underwater-Scooter-03 Video:

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