Seabin: Cleaning The Ocean One Marina At A Time

It’s no secret that the natural waters have become victim to our pollution.  Sadly, one of the most recent methods used to help clean natural water sources is having people on a boat collect debris with a net.  Motivated to develop an effective means of cleaning the ocean, Andrew Turton & Pete Ceglinski of Perth, Australia invested their life savings in the invention of the Seabin, a revolutionary water cleaning technology. seabin_04 (738x489) The Seabin is a cleaning system that is attached to existing floating docks where debris, oil, and other ocean pollution tends to wash up and gather.  As its name implies, it is essentially a bin with piping, a water pump, and separating technology.  The Seabin floats on level with the water surface, and intakes surrounding water, and keeps any any garbage or unwanted materials contained inside of it. The system then allows the filtered water to flow out of the Seabin, continuing up through attached piping toward the water pump on the dock.  There, the water is further filtered to remove any oil that it may contain.  Finally, the freshly cleaned water is free to flow back into the great depths of the ocean. seabin_03 A bin just like any other, the Seabin must be emptied when full.  Large enough to make an impact, but small enough for one person to heft, the Seabin’s catch bag lining can easily be changed when at capacity.  Yet even when full, the water pump still attracts materials toward the Seabin, keeping the in the surrounding area.  This means that should the bag not be switched out for some time, debris can still be manually collected around the bin. seabin_07 (738x494) The Seabin also runs all day and all night, working tirelessly to clean the waters.  With the Seabin Project, Turton and Ceglinski are hoping to raise funds to sustainably produce and install Seabins in marinas, ports, and other pollution-heavy locations. seabin_08 (738x486) While the ultimate goal is to “to have pollution free oceans with no need for the Seabin”, they recognize that ridding the water of plastics, oils, and other unnatural materials one Seabin at a time is a step in the right direction.

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