Scribit: Turn Your Walls into an Interactive Canvas

Drawing on walls as a kid is seen as a bad act. However, this new gadget takes that concept and elevates it to the next level while still incorporating the endless creativity that comes with it. The Scribit is a robot created by MIT professor Carlo Ratti. He wanted to create a device that is able to display information without adding another screen in front of your face. The Scribit allows you to put anything and everything on your wall from a piece of artwork, to a grocery list, to even your twitter updates. By using only two nails and a plug, Scribit is equipped to maneuver its way around the surface area it is attached to. It is able to draw and erase on virtually any vertical surface including a whiteboard, glass, or everyday plaster walls. This robot uses a unique way of printing to create anything your mind can think of. The ink used by the robot is completely invisible to heat, so any design can be easily drawn and removed. Display artwork, news, information, and anything else you can think of on your wall using this gadget. The big question is, why be stuck with one piece of artwork when you can have a new piece of decor every day? By using Scribit’s very own platform, users are able to browse through different designs and templates uploaded by other users. You can search and download a design you want on your wall through this platform, or you can even connect Scribit to other apps in order to get real-time news onto your wall. With this gadget, the possibilities are endless. This device eliminates the use of the traditional screen and utilizes an everyday surface to present information.  You can display anything your mind can imagine with this innovative gadget.

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