Scribbler DUO: Dual-Nozzle 3D Printing Pen

Imagine your art coming to life! The Scribbler DUO is a dual nozzle 3D printing pen. This pen lifts your imagination off of the page and lets you become the master behind beautiful and stunning designs in 3D form. This pen is the first of its kind and can easily be used by children and by adults. The Scribbler pen adds to your creative space as you can easily design and build 3D objects from the ground. The only limit is your imagination. What makes this pen unique is that it is the worlds first nozzle, adding depth to your design function. The pen is comfortable to hold and uses filaments that are heated internally. Once exposed, the plastic instantly solidifies when cooled. From there you can start crafting your design with precision. The steps for using the Scribbler are easy  – simply plug in the pen, and press the feed button where you feed the plastic rods. Once heated, hit the forward button and start building a stable foundation for your designs. You are able to control the temperature, the speed, and the use of a single or dual nozzle for your pen. Colours are easy to rotate hence you can create multi coloured designs within minutes. These free standing objects help your wildest imaginations come to life, and the use of this pen truly encourages creativity and design with a passion. The Scribbler promises to be safe, clean and reliable, hence why it can be safely used by kids. The re-engineered hardware allowing the pen to have a double nozzle, expands upon your creative efforts, resulting in remarkable works of art. Let creativity flow with the Scribbler dual nozzle 3D printing pen.

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