SCREEN: Closet Organizer and Room Divider

The SCREEN by LORIS&LIVIA aims to pair simplicity with functionality. Room divider, closet organizer and privacy screen are only some of the Screen’s potential uses. screen-closet-org-room-divider-03 Living spaces should complement our dynamic lives. They should be practical and yet be able to endure over time. The materials of the Screen correlate with its durability. The frame is made from solid oak and the fabric blinds are nylon. When opened, the Screen’s dimensions are 180 x 200 x 2cm and 180 x 50 x 9cm when closed. The Screen’s craftsmanship makes it a lasting and adaptable piece. screen-closet-org-room-divider-04 LORIS&LIVIA urge us to rethink what it means to have a functional space by proving how effortlessly the Screen transforms. It’s great for homes that have limited space, whether inner city or not. The Screen can be displayed open or compacted. It can act as a screen – like it’s namesake – or a rack, or both by simply rolling up the panels. screen-closet-org-room-divider-01 The Screen is a product created for the minimalist and it’s the perfect instrument for creative room lovers.

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