SAVER: Emergency Breath System

The Saver is an Emergency Breath System and an essential home safety device. This mini gadget works as a personal life-saving device in case of fire, as it provides clean air to breathe and prevents the user from inhaling the toxic fumes. Saver-01 Most think that flames are considered dangerous in a fire, but in fact, it is the smoke that causes most damage. The fumes and smoke immobilize people and those stuck in fires find it hard to breathe and, as a result, end up choking instead of quickly making it to safety. To prevent this, the Saver life saving device comes in the picture as a thorough rescuer. Saver-02 Simple to use, the Saver is suitable for each individual family member as it allows to breathe in the clean air, thus prompting escape towards safe exit. The Saver triple-filter system filters harmful chemicals and removes toxic gases like carbon monoxide gas for up to 5 minutes. The device can be activated within 5 seconds. Saver-03 Moreover, this clever gadget is also equipped with a built-in alarm and can be turned on as a flashlight in an emergency situation. This alarm is designed to alert the first responders to your location, and the triple LED flashlight is handy in navigating through the dense fumes. The features of the Saver are meant to help guide the user out of a fire, breathe clean air, and provide alarming signal for the rescue party besides guiding the way out from a fire scene. Saver-04

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