Save Food From The Fridge Project

With the idea of preserving food longer naturally, Jihyun Ryou gathered traditional knowledge about food and designed modern storage units that keep produce fresh without refrigeration. save-food-from-fridge-02 First, keeping roots in their upright position helps them conserve energy and life. These sand boxes are designed to hold up root vegetables, while providing moisture to them hydrated. save-food-from-fridge-03 Second, fruits and vegetables tend to lose their humidity due to the dry air in our environment. This shelf is designed to keep produce hydrated with a water tray below. save-food-from-fridge-04 Spices are exactly the opposite – they require a dry environment for preservation. These spice jars have rice inside to absorb humidity. save-food-from-fridge-05 Ever wondered about the freshness of your eggs? Fresh eggs sink when you place them inside a glass of water. If they float, you definitely don’t want to be consuming whatever’s inside. Also, to keep eggs fresh and better tasting, you should store them outside. save-food-from-fridge-06 Did you know apples and potatoes are meant to be together? The ethylene gas produced by apples will keep potatoes from sprouting, and this shelf is specifically designed to encourage that natural symbiosis. save-food-from-fridge-07 Each shelf was designed to serve a specific purpose of keeping our food out of the fridge. Their wooden frames give them a traditional and naturally fresh appeal. Video:

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