Satellite Swivel Chair By Richard Hutten

In response to the changing dynamic of workspaces, which now revolve around a screen rather than a desk, internationally renowned Dutch designer Richard Hutten has created satellite, a swivel chair suitable for open-concept work environments that encourage collaboration and interaction. The most important element visible in all of Hutten’s creations is playfulness and the satellite, which is made for activity-based spaces, inspires exactly that. The geometric shape integral to all of Hutten’s designs is the circle as it is an elegant and pure form with no beginning, end, or bulky sides. Inspired by the circles drawn by architects on floor plans to indicate where a chair will be positioned, Hutton set out to design a chair that would fit perfectly into the space allocated on the floor plan. While the layout of modern workplaces has changed drastically in the last decade (think open areas, communal spaces, and fewer walls and barriers), little has been done to update the furniture that occupies these fast-paced social environments. With workers not longer tied to their desks or confined to tiny cubicles, the office chair has become even more important in employee interaction. Satellite ensures that open-concept workplaces continue to foster communication, creative discussions, and innovation by enabling both focused work and group meetings. Unlike a bulky office desk, which often acts as a barrier to communication, satellite offers the perfect meeting place to exchange ideas. An attachable side table that can orbit around the seat by 180 degrees ensures that employees (both left-handed and right-handed) are never at a loss for a place to rest their tablets, notebooks, or phones. Extensive research and care went into the dimensions of the chair as it was essential that the chair appeared large and inviting while still remaining compact and mobile enough to move around the office.

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