Sardines: Rain Boots That Can (Almost) Fit in a Can

Okay, so there’s never going to be a time when you need your rain boots to fit in a can, but how helpful would it be if you could at least make them compact enough to store away? The Sardines, designed by Estele Alcaraz fulfill that purpose with these customizable wellington boots that can be rolled up to become travel-sized. Inspired by Estele’s own experience with getting caught in the rain one day, these boots were made with the intent of keeping feet dry and taking up less space on the shoe rack. sardines-foldable-rain-boots-02 Made from environmentally friendly thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), these rain boots are not just light, they’re heavy duty and water-resistant. The rain boots come packaged in a 3-sided box with the story of how the boots came to be, followed by instructions on how to use them. The boot itself follows the usual design, with the exception of a strap along the edge showing¬†the brand logo. The strap doubles as a band to keep the boot from unrolling when folded, securing it in place. The concept is simple enough. Wear boots, let boots dry, roll boots up, and store anywhere you please. Plus, you can save extra room for your other shoes. The fun part about the Sardines boots is that they come in a variety of colours with the ability for buyers to colour-coordinate the strap with the boots. sardines-foldable-rain-boots-03 Whether you’re going out because you love rainy nights or because it’s just one of those days the weather is not cooperating, Sardines galoshes help keep the water away from your socks, which in turn lets you keep your feet warm and dry. sardines-foldable-rain-boots-04

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