Sans: Juice & Smoothie Preserving Bottle

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”, but most struggle to make the time for a full meal in the morning.  Hence, juices and smoothies have become the go-to breakfast alternatives for so many of us.  They save time, they’re generally healthy– what’s not to love?  How about when you take that juice or smoothie to-go only to find mid-sip that it’s turned an unappetizing murky colour? Entrepreneur Tracy Miller has combined her love for fresh drinks with her years of knowledge in the wine industry to create SANS, the perfect travel bottle designed specifically to keep your juices and smoothies fresh. Sans-1 In just a matter of minutes, fruits and vegetables that have been sliced, blended, juiced, or whatnot oxidize and begin to spoil.  That fresh vibrant colour and taste dissipates, leaving you with a sub-par product.  The SANS travel bottle works by slowing the oxidation process, making for contents that can stay fresh for days, if need be. Sans (8) Essentially acting as a vacuum, SANS is equipped with a technology similar to that of a wine pump that removes the oxygen from the bottle.  Simply pour your contents inside, fasten the lid, and press the pump down repeatedly.  As you continue to press down the pump, the resistance will build to a point where you have removed the majority of the air inside.  Press the pump down one last time, and then twist it 90 degrees to lock it in place.  From there, your drink’s freshness is preserved for as long as you keep it sealed.  And while SANS is a travel bottle, there’s no saying that you can’t use it to store cut up fruits and vegetables as well.  Do you hate when your apple slices go brown?  SANS can stop that from happening. Sans-5 Made of food-safe glass, SANS is protected by a silicone sleeve that comes in a variety of colours from the standard glacier gray to mint green to berry blue.  The entire bottle can be disassembled into parts for easy hand-washing. SANS_04 In less than a week, the SANS Air team successfully reached their Kickstarter funding goal.  Evidently, SANS is the fresh drink travel bottle that people on the go have been eagerly awaiting.  So keep your smoothie, juice, or fruit and vegetable snack as fresh as the moment you prepared it– only with SANS.

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