Sanctuary M – Bring The Outside In

When one thinks of botanical gardens a depiction of exotic plants growing in a beautifully lined, well-orchestrated sanctum appears. A botanical garden is a place to relax and enjoy scenery. Also, one can appreciate the efforts taken to evoke awe upon the scenic view. Botanica, an Australian company, made a product called Sanctuary M to hold botanicals in a modular desktop terrarium. sanctuary-m-5 This terrarium has a base that comes in cork, marble, timber, or concrete. The base will hold two different inserts. Both are made from silicone. One of them is the moss insert that has a water reservoir, and the other is a plant insert that has more room for soil and points for drainage. The last part that makes the terrarium is the glass top that fits into the insert held by the base. The glass top comes as different types which create the particular environments for the terrariums. The environments of the terrariums are: Rainforest, Temperate, and Arid. sanctuary-m-4 The Rainforest terrarium has closed top. This top has a sharp teardrop in the middle that gives the cause and effect of the water cycle occurring in nature. Thus, the Rainforest is for those who want a view of plantation that will require a great deal of moisture. sanctuary-m-1 The Temperate one has an open top that is suited to vegetation that will grow and thrive with air flow, light, and more soil than the Rainforest. sanctuary-m-3 The Arid terrarium doesn’t have a glass top as it nourishes plants like cacti and succulents that only need drainage and minimal water. sanctuary-m-2 This is one way to satisfy a green thumb during winter months for those in a climate too cold for gardening. With the Sanctuary M no opportunity for growing plants is missed. The terrariums will provide botanical gardens to attain to year-round. Subsequently, with environments where plants can specifically and only flourish in. The Sanctuary M is really the sight of mother nature at one’s own hands.

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