Sancal Bar Stool: Perigallo

Sandal Studio is a design company based in Spain. They are an award-winning creative team who are dedicated to making products for both comfort and elegance. Their latest project, the Perigallo bar stool, is inspired by their country’s local traditions and roots. The project became known as the “love of the land” concept, shortly after they named their latest stool Perigallo. In local Spanish dialect, this word refers to a three-legged chair that was used specifically to harvest local fruit. The team borrowed from the original design and added a very modern touch to create the new Perigallo. The product launched as a seating stool that was easily folded up. The back leg creates most of the support for the structure and is also the reason it can easily be put away. Perigallo is made of wood and its dimensions are 19″W x 20″D x 28 3/4”H. The wood used is ash and can be stained in a variety of colours. Currently, it is available in: klein, silk grey, mango, malachite, yellow, anthracite or a natural matt. The top of stool is made of beech covered cushion. The seating is comfortable and adds a unique touch to the stool. It can either be the same colour as chosen for the wood or you can complement it with a different shade. Perigallo also comes with a wall hook. This makes it even easier to put the stools away, saving space and time. You can either store it away in a closet or hand it up within the same room. Regardless, it will remain easily accessible whenever you need the extra seating. To learn more about Perigallo and purchase your own, click here. Sancal Studio is always creating new furniture and great products. They ship worldwide and have manufacturing studios in almost every continent.

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