Sagano: Sleek Bamboo Furniture

Alice Minkina, a young Russian designer, recognized bamboo as her favourite material to work with. Alice found bamboo to be the ideal material for her very first furniture collection– Sagano. bamboo-furniture-1 Modern and unique in its own way, Sagano is a sleek bamboo furniture collection. This collection is perfect for any home because it is sustainable, durable, and perfect for the long run. Whether you’re moving or you simply like to remodel and redecorate your home every once in a while, this collection is the one for you. bamboo-furniture-6 Sagano is carefully crafted with compressed strips of bamboo. The lines depend on the original bamboo’s shapes, making it a fun collection of uniquely different pieces. Strips of bamboo are cut, Alice then attaches them on top of one another in circular ways. Afterwards, they are rolled into a large circle, which Alice molds to create a beautiful, flawless shape. Unquestionably, all of this would not be possible if it wasn’t for the technology that Alice uses to help her create something so “robust and solid.” bamboo-furniture-5 bamboo-furniture-3 As a designer, Alice displays mindfulness; she is fully aware of her design choices and actions. This lifestyle takes Alice’s design to a whole new level by being environmentally conscious and utilizing such natural resources. Clearly, by choosing to work with this stunning material, bamboo, Alice understands the benefits that this natural resource has, not only for her first furniture collection, but for the environment as well. bamboo-furniture-2 As an individual who constantly acts in an eco-friendly manner and appreciates designers who act in a similar way, I’m beyond excited for Alice Minkina’s very first bamboo furniture collection. (All images belong to Alice Minkina.)

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