The Sada Bike : A Convenient Folding Bike.

Elegantly simple; simply innovative. That’s the motto embraced by this product, and well-embraced it is. The Sada bike is a hubless bike that can fold up to the size of an umbrella, making it easy for those commuters who make short trips on a daily basis. the_sada_bike_folding_convenient_bike_04 Designed by the Italian designer Gianluca Sada, the idea first came to mind when Sada found himself disappointed by the current bike folding designs. He felt that most biking folding designs were only applied to bikes of smaller frames, making it perilous for riders to drive and also increasing the effect of variations in the terrain on the small size of the wheels. His goal was to create a design that could accommodate a bike with full 26inch bike wheels, along with a frame and components that can fold. the_sada_bike_folding_convenient_bike_02 While the bike is currently just a prototype, it definitely holds a lot of potential for those looking for an easy transport fix without having to worry about parking space and the many other problems that come with owning a bike in a busy, busy city. By using a system anchoring the wheels using smaller wheels held by a small frame and a specific clamping device, the bike can fold in one single quick movement. The wheels have no spokes, making this movement even smoother. Another upside – the packaging can even be used as a backpack ! the_sada_bike_folding_convenient_bike_03 The current downside to this innovation is the addition of weight to the wheels. Since the wheels have no spoke, the rim had to be strengthened as a compensation which in turn adds weight to the wheels, making it harder for the wheels to spin, which could reduce the user’s acceleration rate. As the product is still a prototype, there is always wiggle room for further development and improvement and it is hoped that such issues will be fixed by the time the folding bike is released! If you’re tired of having to look for spaces to park your bike, sometimes losing your bike to bike thieves or constantly having to rechange the locks when they get too rusty, the Sada bike could be your solution to your commuter problems ! Video:   

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