Sa™ : The Umbrella Reimagined

In collaboration with the design company Nooka, industrial designer Justin Nagelberg and designer Matthew Waldman present Sa, a fresh, new vision of the conventional umbrella. Derived from Kasa (傘), the Japanese word for umbrella, Nagelberg and Waldman chose the name Sa™ as a nod to the origami elements and to the Japanese design sensibility of their product. Sa-02 The Sa™ harnesses planar tension and magnetic parts in providing a smooth, effortless operation of this product. Along the edges of the umbrella panels, magnets allow a tight, consistent coil of the canopy.The origami design structurally ensures strength and flexibility against unexpected wind shear and recovers its shape more readily than the traditional umbrella. Sa-05 No sharp points and an elimination of superfluous mechanics allow for a more generous head space beneath the canopy thanks to the geometric surface design made of recycled, waterproof plastic fabric. Sa-03 The handle design ingeniously accommodates the inner wire joints usually exposed in most umbrella framework – a simple twist of the handle to open, and a pulling motion to close. Sa-04 The Sa fulfills a pragmatic function one step beyond other umbrellas by utilizing replaceable, interchangeable components. Certainly, a step towards saving another lost or broken umbrella headed to a landfill. As well, there is a dapper palette of colour options to personalize your Sa. Sa-07 This KickStarter campaign will include an offering of the product in Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, Black, Grey, and White. Future offerings will include more colours and patterns as well as a compact version of the umbrella. The release date for the Sa™ is for February or March 2015. The harmonious, understated design makes this umbrella a covetable product truly built to last and to be one’s own. Video

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