The RV1 Carbon Chair: First One-Piece Multi-Position Chair

British designer Kris Lamba has created a versatile chair to support a number of different sitting positions by folding a 20-meter-long piece of carbon fiber. The RV1 Carbon Chair will facilitate a number of different sitting positions. rv1-carbon-chair-3 The RV1 Chair is available in black or white, both with a high-gloss finish. The structural design of this seat was inspired by a wind tunnel, where Lamba’s interests were previously piqued watching a jet being tested. “I tried to visualize a chair that flowed harmoniously into the background environment,” said Lamba. “This led to continuous shape.” According to the designer, the RV1 features an upright position as well as a reclined more relaxed position especially suited for longer sitting periods. There are large indents in the top and bottom of the chair, allowing users to switch between the two seating positions the RV1 Carbon Chair has to offer, simply by flipping it over. This chair is simple and ergonomic in both its structure and function. Lamba’s desire for the RV1 Carbon Chair to be barely visible from the side is what led to the choice of carbon fiber- it has an exceedingly high strength-to-weight ratio. This material also allows ergonomic flex while maintaining its structural integrity. Comfortable, impossibly strong, and stylish. What more can you ask for? rv1-carbon-chair-1