Naturally Purify With Russian Shungite Stones

In this day and age, feeling overwhelmed or stressed is becoming more of a daily occurrence. And in those moments, we just need a little bit of a detox and go back to the simple things. A good starting point would be with the little things in your day to day routine. Something as small as just the water you put into your body. Some people cite that even those little differences go a long way. One of the ways those differences can go a long way is with Russian shungite stones. Shungite is considered the underdog of the thriving crystal community. Compared to its counterparts, shungite possesses a dark luster, however, like other crystals, shungite has many healing properties and is very popular amongst mineral healers. What makes shungite a much more credible source is that it is one of the only minerals that has been scientifically proven, called fullerenes, which possess molecules that can “heal”. For this purpose alone, Russian Shungite Stones make for a great natural water filter. The fullerenes is loaded with antioxidants to eradicate bacteria, metals and any potentially harmful organic compounds. You can place these stones in any of your water bottles or pitchers. For best results, all you need is 100 grams of shungite per every 1 litre of water. They are offered in different weights so you can use them for other healing practices aside from water purification. The gamut of what shungite can do runs large. Starting from purifying and protection. Shungite is sourced from Russia, and is made up of almost entirely all carbon. Shungite is known to be found mainly near lakes in Russia, and often looks like volcanic material. Shungite has been used in folk medicine and healing practices since as early as the 18th century. Due to its high carbon content, historically it has even been used to increase the pigment in paints hence the name “carbon black”. At IPPINKA, we offer three types of shungite. All three styles are able to naturally purify water, but the tumbled stones are also common for home decor use (backsplashes, vases, etc). The elite shungite has a very high carbon content of 95% for incredible purification properties.

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