Ruggie: The Most Practical Alarm Clock

We have all been there. Hitting the snooze button however many times a morning to get an extra few minutes of rest. Initially, hitting that button is quite appealing, but it ultimately ends up affecting our morning in a negative way. Instead of having a proper and productive morning routine, we end up rushing out the door to get to wherever we need to be. Thankfully there is now a new, extremely practical solution to hitting the snooze button and over-sleeping. The Ruggie alarm clock is a minimalist alarm clock rug that does not turn off unless you get out of bed and stand on it for 3 full seconds. ruggie-worlds-most-practical-alarm-clock-02 Created by Winson Tam, the Ruggie has a clean and modern look that can fit in bedrooms with various aesthetics. It features high-density memory foam which ensures that it is not only practical, but also comfortable. The rug additionally includes a bright LED display, which assists with late night bathroom trips. ruggie-worlds-most-practical-alarm-clock-04 By unzipping one corner of the rug, users can set the clock and pick from different sounds to wake up to. The rug is also able to blast a custom, motivational sound. To do this, simply use a USB to connect the Ruggie to your computer, and then drag in the file that you would like hear! ruggie-world-post-practical-alarm-clock-01 It’s not a surprise that the Ruggie’s Kickstarter campaign has already raised over $320,000.00 (and they’re still campaigning!). With such a unique and practical, yet simple idea, the product is bound to be a success.

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