RPR Float Table

Modern, simple, unique, and quirky are just a few words I would use to describe the float table by Rock Paper Robot (RPR) designs as part of their designer Float Collection featuring unique furniture pieces to stand out in your home. At first glance, the float table appears as a solid block of wooden cubes, however upon close inspection, these cubes appear to be levitating and once touched, the cubes become slightly displaced and sway, almost bouncing to your touch. float-1 This unpredictable and unsteady design is however praised for its sturdy nature. By using a matrix of ‘magnetized’ wooden cubes, which balance each other out, the true nature of this design is held together by a web of flexible stainless-steel cables. In essence, basic rules of physics are used in a modern design piece for your home, appearing as a solid, wooden almost Rubrix Cube, this unique feature of the table is only revealed once touched. float-2 Each table is precisely structured to give an illusion of a rigid and stable object. This table is more than just your average design piece because it provides so much character and fun to your home, surprising your guests, once they touch the table only to see the levitating cubes move and float in space. float-4 The float tables are available in a variety of woods and lacquers such as curly walnut, crotch walnut, swirled and french walnut. Custom orders are also welcome depending on the size of the piece you want, for instance a coffee table or a side table. Rare earth magnets and steel cables are the core foundation of the design and variety is offered in other parts, for instance, different materials can also be used, such as metal cubes or even images. float-5 All tables are handmade at the RPR headquarters in Brooklyn, NY and options for international shipping are available. For more information on these unique float tables, visit RPR.com RPR Float Table from RockPaperRobot on Vimeo.

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