ROOT: Countertop Gardening Device

ROOT is an intuitive countertop gardening device developed for gardening easily inside homes. The device contains automated LED lightening and a watering system that constantly cares for the plants growing inside. Seeds are planted in small containers called ROOT pods, which grows plants hydroponically. root-plant-system-002 With the apparatus comes a synced app, which will notify the user when the ROOT requires water or nutrients. Plant growth is catalyzed by ROOT’s sensors which adjust lighting to the specific environment. The device can grow up to 16 plants, whether it be vegetables or herbs. With its space efficient design, ROOT allows any urban citizen to become a gardener. 20141117212449-Family Based on modified methodology of hydroponic gardening to reduce the chemically-induced consequences, each ROOT kit comes with the apparatus, sixteen ROOT pods, sixteen seeds, and nutrient solution. The set up is twelve inches long and two feet high, which means it can fit on a conventional countertop. root-plant-system-003 The systems are made with fibers that come from existing plastic waste, which is then reconstructed inside the United States. Their seeds are also all organic, indicating they are focused on environmental sustainability and provide an easy tool for the urban gardening ehnthusiastics. Video:

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